Backgrounds in Schoeps MS

Last weeks I’ve been working in a Spanish feature film called Sleep Tigh, directed by Jaume Balagueró. The sound designer is Oriol Tarragó and the sound production mixer Jordi Rossinyol. The story unfolds in a neighborhood of “l’Eixample”of Barcelona. In the interiors of the flats, in the elevator, hall… Oriol Tarragó wants to record in this spaces to have a naturalistic sound. I recorded at different times of day according to the scenes of the film.

The mic was a Schoeps MS (MK4 + MK8) and a Sound Devices recorder. I’ve never been working with a Schoeps MS and my experience has been superb. This mic sounds wonderful. It creates a very realistic sound both exterior and interior. To recording some elavator mecanism I put 2 Sanken COS11 under the platform and sound good to. It works very good combined with the Schoeps Stereos.

Finally, to record many doors and ambiences we used a Sony PCM D50 and a Zoom H4n too. Some time ago I published in the bblog an ambience that its now in the film.

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