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Backgrounds in Schoeps MS

Last weeks I’ve been working in a Spanish feature film called Sleep Tigh, directed by Jaume Balagueró. The sound designer is Oriol Tarragó and the sound production mixer Jordi Rossinyol. The story unfolds in a neighborhood of “l’Eixample”of Barcelona. In the interiors of the flats, in the elevator, hall… Oriol Tarragó wants to record in this spaces to have a naturalistic sound. I recorded at different times of day according to the scenes of the film.

The mic was a Schoeps MS (MK4 + MK8) and a Sound Devices recorder. I’ve never been working with a Schoeps MS and my experience has been superb. This mic sounds wonderful. It creates a very realistic sound both exterior and interior. To recording some elavator mecanism I put 2 Sanken COS11 under the platform and sound good to. It works very good combined with the Schoeps Stereos.

Finally, to record many doors and ambiences we used a Sony PCM D50 and a Zoom H4n too. Some time ago I published in the bblog an ambience that its now in the film.

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The fire’s krek of a ceramic hob. Zoom H4n

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Estèreo d’un ascensor àntic. 2 Sanken COS11 entre la plataforma dels peus i la paret.

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David Farmer


Aquest és el canal de vídeos de David Farmer, dissenyador de so/muntador de so de Lord of the rigs, King Kong… És interessant perquè hi té vídeos de sons que grava per fer les pelis.

Article de Design Sound sobre ell “Collecting original sounds is a priority”, diu.

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La televisió

Escala de veïns d’uns apartaments de platja a Cunit. Mkh 60 (Stereo)

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