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My favorite dubbing/ADR preamp

Millennia Hv-3C is my favorite mic preamp for studio specially to record duubing and ADRs.  I have experience recording with Millenia Hv-3C and Avalon AD2022. Millennia has a fantastic dinamic range, unsurped ambience retrieval and no uncolored timbral. Millenia’s gain is 1.5 per stemp with 3 banks and Avalon its 4dbs with one bank.

Millennia its fantastic to record cries, especially when the actor starts in normal voice and gradually rises the volumen and finally shout.

Although Avalon is a fantastic preamp too! Both have a good sound!

What do you think? What its your experience?

Backgrounds in Schoeps MS

Last weeks I’ve been working in a Spanish feature film called Sleep Tigh, directed by Jaume Balagueró. The sound designer is Oriol Tarragó and the sound production mixer Jordi Rossinyol. The story unfolds in a neighborhood of “l’Eixample”of Barcelona. In the interiors of the flats, in the elevator, hall… Oriol Tarragó wants to record in this spaces to have a naturalistic sound. I recorded at different times of day according to the scenes of the film.

The mic was a Schoeps MS (MK4 + MK8) and a Sound Devices recorder. I’ve never been working with a Schoeps MS and my experience has been superb. This mic sounds wonderful. It creates a very realistic sound both exterior and interior. To recording some elavator mecanism I put 2 Sanken COS11 under the platform and sound good to. It works very good combined with the Schoeps Stereos.

Finally, to record many doors and ambiences we used a Sony PCM D50 and a Zoom H4n too. Some time ago I published in the bblog an ambience that its now in the film.

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The miracles of Izotope

Els miracles de l’Izotope

It’s amazing how repairs clicks. In the example a piece of recorded sound with handycam  that is saturated for a few seconds. It no clicks 0 but sounds “broken”. Izotope declicker manages it! Decrackler achieves the same effect.

És increïble com repara els clics. A l’exemple un tros de so gravat amb el micro d’una càmera de vídeo que està saturat durant uns segons. No arriba a 0 però el so se sent “trencat”. L’izotope declicker ho arregla en un moment! El decrackler aconsegueix el mateix efecte.

Audio without noise reduction

Audio with noise reduction

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Murch i Coppola treballant

Apple’s video with Walter Murch and Francis F. Coppola in Tetro. Its about Final Cut, but it’s interesting to see the way Murch works.

Un vídeo d’Apple on es pot veure treballar en Walter Murch i en Francis F. Coppola a Tetro. Parlen de Final Cut, però sobretot és interessant veure com treballa en Murch.

Blog, la película

De Elena Trapé – Sonido Jordi Rossinyol / Jordi Ribas / David Calleja

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Estèreo d’un ascensor àntic. 2 Sanken COS11 entre la plataforma dels peus i la paret.

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